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Jon Rooks of Parkland Properties wants to thank Grand Rapids.  The 2008 Redevelopment of the Year project, Boardwalk Condominiums is one condo sale away from being completely sold out.  Rooks and his team at Parkland Properties are extremely grateful to Grand Rapids and its residents for making this project a success.


They say, “Thank you!”


From an empty and silent, former furniture factory to a vibrant downtown Grand Rapids condo project, Boardwalk Condominiums has everything you want in downtown living; close proximity to business and nightlife, on site fitness center, swimming pool to spend time with friends and its own bar and restaurant to meet new friends.


If those and many other amenities are what you are looking for in a downtown condo, you better hurry as there is one condo left.  Don’t hesitate, because the clock is ticking on your opportunity to be a part of this award winning project.  The race is on for the last spot available.  With a special $25,000 closeout discount, this condo will not last long.


Call Brad Veneklase at 616-988-6466 to schedule an appointment.


Boardwalk Condominiums, the redevelopment masterpiece of Jon Rooks and his Parkland Properties team, is one unit away from being sold out.


Are you looking for safety?  Boardwalk has it with their 24-hour on-site security staff.


Do you want a place to exercise without the travel?  Boardwalk is home of Monroe North Fitness Center.


Tired from a long day at work and just want someone to cook for you, but you do not feel like driving?  Boardwalk is home to J.D. Reardon’s restaurant/bar.  Whether you want to meet friends or have them deliver right to your condo, Boardwalk has you covered.


Want a close and safe place to cool off?  Boardwalk has their very own in ground pool and a hot tub that remains open all year round.


As you can see with all of these amenities and many more, you can see why there is only one unit left.  If you want to be part of the Boardwalk Community you better hurry.  Call Brad Veneklase right now before it is too late!  He can be reached at 616-988-6466


In a recent CNN Money article by Les Christie, Grand Rapids Michigan was listed on their “Most Affordable” places to live.  Jon Rooks of Parkland Properties would definitely have to agree.  Rooks said, “Over the last couple of months we have seen a large increase in the interest of our downtown condo projects.”  Brad Veneklase, Associate Broker for Parkland, stated that they are down to 1 available unit at Boardwalk Condos and 4 units at Union Square (out of 420 units total).


They both attribute the increase to the tremendous values that Grand Rapids has to offer along the incredible financing opportunities.


Kara Wood, Grand Rapids director of economic development, was quoted, “the city’s economic base, which once relied heavily on the furniture-making industry, has become more diversified. Health care is now a driving force in the local economy.”


Parkland, with their two-redevelopment condo projects, has been a benefactor of the desire to live downtown as buyers are looking to be close to work and the increased restaurant, entertainment and nightlife choices.


To view one of the few remaining units contact Brad Veneklase at 616-988-6466

Most affordable cities article



We are calling all Grand Rapids downtown condo seekers.  Jon Rooks of Parkland Properties has the designs and additional features that you are looking for.  Parkland’s redevelopment of the a former furniture building (Boardwalk) or high school (Union Square) offers you an incredible chance for downtown living with contemporary design inside of history.


Add the additional features and ability to get to downtown within minutes and Parkland Properties should be on your list.  Boardwalk has views of the Grand River. Union Square still has four condos that qualify for discounted property taxes.  Both have their very own pool to help you cool off on hot summer days, so dialing Parkland is a must.


To see what Parkland has to offer contact Brad Veneklase at 616-988-6466


Jon Rooks and Brad Gruzinga have one penthouse condo left at their Union Square Condominiums, located in Grand Rapids, MI.  This custom designed penthouse will allow you to move right in and start enjoying downtown living.

The condo with its eastern views of the Grand Rapids skyline is the last chance of its kind, in this award winning development.  To see what Rooks and Gruizinga have to offer watch here Penthouse condo ( )

Call Brad Veneklase at 616-988-6466 for a live viewing.


If cooling off from the intense heat of summer is your goal, then Jon Rooks has just the idea for you.  Take a look at what you could be enjoying right now if you had purchased a condo from Parkland Properties – Click to tour

Now imagine getting home to your downtown Grand Rapids condo from a long day at work.  You make your way to the courtyard and then have the opportunity to de-stress and cool off by taking a swim in the pool.  As you are down there you meet up with friends and decide to enjoy a relaxing dinner on the pool side deck or dining room of JD Reardon’s.  Click here to take a look.

That is downtown condo living, Jonathan Rooks style!

If this were the type of cooling off you would like to be doing, then contact Brad Veneklase at 616-988-6466 for a tour of the facilities at Boardwalk Condominiums.


Congratulations Grand Rapids on being voted Beer City USA 2012!  We here at Parkland Properties agree that there is no better place than Grand Rapids to find a great beer.


That is why we built our condominium projects here in downtown Grand Rapids, because we wanted our residents to have the ease of stepping out their door to large area of different venues to taste great beer…okay that might be a bit of a stretch.  We have enjoyed being a part of the resurgence of downtown Grand Rapids.


So come on down and let’s raise a pint to all the great breweries here in Grand Rapids.  Whether it’s Founders or HopCat or Brewery Vivant they all are worth the trip.  And if you want to be close all the time, then stop in to see if we can help.


Congrats Grand Rapids!  Beer City USA 2012


Imagine sitting at the edge of the pool, enjoying the warmth of the sun, with friends laughing and conversing all around you.  Then you think to yourself of extra money that you have been able to save to throw this party, because you took advantage of special tax discounts that your condo offered.  And it has a rooftop pool!


Union Square Condos of Grand Rapids is that place.  Here is the problem though.  Parkland Properties only have 4 Union Square Condos left with special Neighborhood Enterprise Zone property tax breaks.  These properties located at Union Square Condominiums allow your mortgage expenses to be offset by the property’s tax discounts with the NEZ.  These discounted tax rates allow you to increase your buying power.  You get more condo for your money, which is a best buy in my books.


A rooftop pool, hot tub, club house, exercise facility, and rain garden are just some of the amenities that you will enjoy when you purchase a Union Square Condo.  With mortgage rates at all time lows and possibly going back up, do not hesitate for a second, or you might miss out on one of the best buying opportunities of a lifetime.  And the chance to throw an awesome party!


Contact Brad Veneklase at 616-988-6466 today to schedule a showing of the available units at Union Square.


Jon Rooks of Parkland Properties has been noticing the recent trend in real estate prices here in the West Michigan area.  He noted that even though we are still below the peak of the market back in 2006, over the last 3 years we have seen an increase in values pretty much across the board.


You can see from the chart that we have some work to do until we reached our peak, but it is encouraging to see this upward trend.


Metro Grand Rapids Residential Prices


Mix that with the attractiveness of mortgage rates and this is a wonderful time to consider buying.  Brad Veneklase from Parkland also included that you can receive 3.5% down FHA financing by purchasing anyone of their Grand Rapids downtown condos.  That makes it even better.


Call Brad at 616-988-6466 and ask him about a tour of Boardwalk or Union Square and get in on the trend.


“It is a tremendous time to buy”, Jon Rooks of Parkland Properties recently stated.  He is right.  If you consider where current mortgage rates are sitting, the prices of condominiums have reduced, and availability of special financing and extremely low down payment options, then it is a tremendous time to buy a Rooks Grand Rapids condo.


If you have any inkling of what downtown Grand Rapids condo living would be like, then contact Brad Veneklase at Parkland Properties.  He can set up a time to show you the amazing units that he still has available.

Brad can be reached at 616-988-6466 or email him at


Jonathan Rooks of Grand Rapids based Parkland Properties, says, “Our condo prices are HOT right now!”


If you are currently in the market to purchase a new home or have been considering down-sizing into a more manageable place, then looking at either of Rooks condominium projects needs to be on your list of options.


Boardwalk Condominiums are located across from Canal Park on the Grand River, in downtown Grand Rapids.  It has many amenities to add to your home experience including its very own pool to help cool you off on HOT summer days.


Union Square Condominiums, a project that Rooks developed with Brad Gruzinga, is situated in the old Union High School.  Rooks and Gruizinga have wonderfully crafted a condo project that you will be proud to call home.


Give a call to Brad Veneklase today to schedule a time to look at a Parkland Properties condo.  Brad can be reached at 616-988-6466.


Jonathan Rooks of Parkland Properties has recently presented an exciting proposal to the Grand Haven Planning Commission to start a project on the waterfront in Grand Haven, Michigan.  His goal is to build a 95-unit condominium project at the Wharf Marina, by changing one of the current boat storage warehouses into an upscale 7-story condominium building.


“We think this will be a catalyst for development across the road and across the river”, Rooks said at his presentation.  He is pleased by the positive response he has gotten so far. If approved and the numbers are viable, the development could be started sometime in 2013.


Rooks says it’s a great time to vest his efforts into this project as the Grand Rapids, MI Boardwalk and Union Square Condominium developments are close to sold out.

Wharf article


Jon Rooks Parkland Properties has been in business for the last 24 years.  Throughout their 24 year history, they have been developing and redeveloping hundreds of residential and office spaces, as Rooks company has grown dramatically within the last few years to close to 200 employees.


Growth never stops.  Jon Rooks is now venturing into new territory with Monroe North Fitness Center.  Located in the lower level of his Boardwalk Condominiums, Rooks wanted to keep this wonderful option available to his condo clients.  Monroe North had recently had trouble making a go of it, and with Rooks proven track record of turning the unwanted into a desirable option, he jumped on the opportunity.


Monroe North Fitness will be staffed from 8am – 8pm Monday through Friday and also Saturdays from 10am – 2pm.  He recently hired Michael Byle and Julie Zucker to manager the center and added Jolie Mossner as the lead personal trainer.


There is a basic membership available for $19.95 a month and a premium option for $29.95 which gives you 24-hour access and group training classes, such as Zumba and Pilates.


To learn more about Monroe North Fitness Center, you can contact them for a tour of the renovated facility by calling them at 616-913-9123.


To read the Grand Rapids Business Journal article making this announcement click here


Parkland Properties Boardwalk Condominiums is one of the few condo developments in West Michigan to sit on the Grand River.  They have over 3000 feet of unobstructed views of Canal Park on the river.  That’s right.  You have a 3-acre park to enjoy without the maintenance and taxes.


Rooks says, “Property owners can hop on the Grand River walkway or bike trail and get downtown in just a few minutes.”  To see all of the wonderful amenities that are available at Boardwalk, email Brad Veneklase at or give him a call at 616-988-6466.


You can see all that Boardwalk has to offer here See Boardwalk


Jon Rooks with Parkland Properties of Grand Rapids, MI, has an idea.  If you are tired of fighting traffic to get into downtown and then add in the usual Michigan summer construction zones, then why not just live here?  With a vibrant and growing downtown, Parkland Properties has the perfect solution; you can live in one of their condos, either at Boardwalk or Union Square.


Boardwalk Condominiums feature an award winning development with a place to do your early morning or late evening workout, an opportunity to hang out with friends at the pool and hot tub, and then walk down to the bar and restaurant without leaving Boardwalk.


Union Square has its own unique features that set it apart: a rooftop pool overlooking the Grand Rapids skyline, a clubhouse to meet friends, and special property tax savings until 2019 – giving you extra savings in your pocket.


Jon Rooks and his team would love to show you why living downtown is the right thing to do.


Contact Brad Veneklase at 616-988-646


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