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Posts Tagged ‘Jon Rooks Grand Rapids’

Are you in the market for a condo in downtown Grand Rapids?

What would you able to do with 5 years of property tax relief?

By owning a Union Square Condominium in downtown Grand Rapids, you receive tax discounts.  Union Square is located in a Neighborhood Enterprise Zone (NEZ) until 2019 which includes significant property tax exemptions until 2019!

To find your next tax discounted downtown condominium, contact the Parkland Properties office at 616-988-6466.  Whether you talk to Jon Rooks, Brad Gruizinga, or Brad Veneklase, they can get you into a great condo and start the saving today.



When it comes to eating breakfast most health experts will agree: You should do it, Grand Rapids.

Starting your morning with some fuel, the right fuel,  is a great thing idea.  Just like putting the right fuel in your vehicle will get you better gas mileage and lower car maintenance, the same can be said for the fuel you put in your body.  Studies show breakfast eaters have more energy and stamina throughout the day.  To the point of “lower car maintenance”, breakfast eaters are more likely to have healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels.  In fact you are less likely to be obese, when compared to those who’s lifestyle skips the morning meal.

What makes up a healthy breakfast?

All though there are many variances and opinions on what to eat for breakfast.  Here are a couple of basic food items to help you on your way in the mornings.   They include:

1.  Water – a great way to start your day is to drink water.  It is a wonderful way to detox from your nights sleep.

2.  Protein – eggs or a plant protein powder added to your smoothie

3.  Greens – the sooner you get greens into your day the better your body will be able to be balanced.  This balance will be a great boost to your energy levels.  Add some spinach to your eggs or smoothie

4.  Grains – a bowl of oatmeal is a quick and easy breakfast to get you going.

5.  Fruits – add some fresh fruit to your oatmeal or smoothie.


These are some simple ideas to use.  If you would like more specific ideas on how to make 2014 a healthy year, set up a time with one of the personal trainers at Monroe North Fitness.  They can sit down and design the plan that will be best for you.  You can call Monroe North at 616-913-9123.

To Your health and prosperity,

Jon Rooks



Is living in downtown Grand Rapids on your list for 2014?

Imagine inviting friends over to your private roof top deck for great time in 2014.  As they mingle among your garden, the conversation moves to the tremendous view of downtown Grand Rapids.

Can you see?

Would you like to become a reality?

Union Square Condominiums developers Jon Rooks and Brad Gruizinga have the exact downtown condo to make this a reality.  This condo is a large 3 story penthouse with exposed brick, 2-story ceilings, 2 bed, 2 bath, 2,122 square feet, private roof top deck, and optional garden. It is even customizable for an additional 3rd or 4th bed and 3rd full bath.

Call Brad Veneklase at 616-988-6466 for your personal view of your new condo.


The new year is here.  2014 is off and running.

And with every new year that comes around, so does the “I’m going to be____________ better at this.”

What’s your health goal for 2014?

What I love about Grand Rapids is there are many individuals in the fitness community, that care and want to help all live a healthier life.   From training for a 5k or even the River Bank run, to finding the correct food that will help us live a richer and healthier life.  There are Meetups and group classes to bring community to the process.

Remember that opportunities surround you to make 2014 a “healthy and successful” year. Friends and support are close by to catch you when you stumble, including the friendly and knowledgeable staff of Monroe North Fitness.

Be strong!

Jon Rooks


We want to take a few moments to wish you and your families a Joyous and Happy Holidays!

From all of us here at the Parkland Properties of Boardwalk and Union Square Condominiums, Shoreline Inn, and Monroe North Fitness Center, we want to wish everyone a Happy Holidays!

Jon Rooks and Brad Gruizinga


Are you looking to increase your income and the opportunities it will bring you?

Then you need to get out an exercise.


A recent study by American Council of Sports Medicine (ACSM) found that, “Workers who exercise regularly earn 9% higher salaries than their colleagues who do not.”

9% more by getting out an exercising.

How will 9% more be able to help your family?

How could 9% more enable you to save more?

In fact, even if you were a weekend-warrior exerciser, you reduce your risk of dying prematurely in comparison to your sedentary counterparts.

Not dying prematurely is a good thing!

Jon Rooks and Brad Gruizinga, developers of Union Square and Boardwalk condominiums, understood the importance of fitness in our lives, when they included fitness facilities in their properties.

Make 2014 a year to grow your income.  Get out and exercise!



Is improving the productivity of workers and seeking to reduce absenteeism important issues to you?

How would this help your Grand Rapids based operation?

A recent study performed by the American Council of Sports Medicine (ACSM) declared that, “people who exercise are more productive and have less absenteeism than people who do not. “  The numbers are startling to what the effect will be on your workplace.  We are talking about;

72% improvements in time management

79% improved mental and interpersonal performance

74% managed their work load better

27% higher ability in dealing calmly with stress

41% felt more motivated to work

71% had higher concentration while doing their work

25% took less unscheduled breaks

22% of those in the study had a higher probability of finishing work on time

As you start your business planning for 2014, include how to assist your employees to implement exercise into their life style.  The effect will be a more productive workplace.

Monroe North Fitness Center owner, Jon Rooks, understands the importance of exercise.  He has built a team of fitness professionals to assist the downtown Grand Rapids businesses in improving their workplaces.  Whether you visit Monroe North or another facility, make fitness a part of your business plan.

Call Monroe North to schedule a visit. they can be reached at 616-913-9123



Jon Rooks and Brad Gruizinga of Parkland Properties want to thank Grand Rapids and the Lakeshore of West Michigan for making 2013 a wonderful and blessed year.  We are so thankful for our residents, clients and friends for all that you have done for us.

May you and your families have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!



What does Health and Fitness look like to you?

There are many answers to this question.  The reason being, each of us has a different perspective based on our own understanding and influence.  Now there may be nuances that are similar with others, but each of our stories has brought us to this very place in time.

Story is an influencer of our why.  We each have a story.  What is your story around Health and Fitness?

No matter where you are at this current moment, what is more important is where are you going?

You have a choice and can change your story.   You have a choice as to what your Health and Fitness story will look like.  The next question becomes, where are you going to go to improve your story?

Can I make a suggestion for a place to go to improve your story?

Monroe North Fitness is a Grand Rapids Fitness club specializing in the improvement of people’s health and fitness.  Located in the beautiful Boardwalk Condominium development, Monroe North offers the personal care for the individual and expertise of health and fitness.  It is the combination of these two sides of the coin that set them apart of other fitness clubs in the area.

Stop in to their downtown Grand Rapids location at 940 Monroe Ave NW to experience all that Monroe North has to offer.  They can be reached at 616-913-9123


ArtPrize 2013 is in full swing in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  One of the locations with one of the largest collection of exhibits is the Boardwalk Condominiums.  Boardwalk is an award winning development by Jon Rooks.

With over 40 pieces of art to view, Boardwalk will be on your ArtPrize list of places to visit.

You can see pieces such as

“Dog Show” by Michele Anscombe,

“Bus Stop” by Tatijana Jacenkiw

“I am Africa: Untamed” by Duane Frey

“Humility” by Rachel Hinz

“Circulation” by Minjae Lee

For a list of all the great pieces of art that are at Boardwalk Condominiums click here

To learn more about Parkland Properties and Boardwalk Condominiums click here or call 616-988-6466



Was reminded of a post done on Grand Rapids, Monroe North Fitness’ blog the other day.  You can read the post here and I will make sure and leave a link at the end.

The discussion was on the importance that sleep involves in our daily fitness routine.  The blog states, “the benefits of sleep are amazing. Getting enough sleep will sharpen your mind, reduce inflammation, stabilize the metabolism, combat stress and depression, increase productivity and creativity, and is essential for building muscle and burning fat. In fact, the scenario of getting up early to workout could actually be the stressor…”

Timothy Morgenthaler, M.D from the Mayo Clinic says, “the average adult should be getting 7-8 hours per night.”  He goes on to talk about what is just as important as the quantity of sleep, ” If your sleep is frequently interrupted or cut short, you’re not getting quality sleep. The quality of your sleep is just as important as the quantity.”

“We are all different,” says Michael H. Bonnet, PhD, a professor of neurology at Wright State University School of Medicine and the director of sleep laboratory at the Dayton Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Ohio. “You need enough sleep so you can awaken feeling refreshed without an alarm clock.”

Some people need more sleep than others, Bonnet says. This need is based on genes, age, sex, and previous sleep amount, among other things. It also varies across the life cycle.

A final thought from Monroe North, “If you feel tired, moody, or unfulfilled with your fitness regime, perhaps you are not getting enough sleep. If that is the case, perhaps you should try to sleep an extra hour instead of getting up to work out and dream your way to a better body.”

To check out how Monroe North Fitness can help you to a healthier you, call them at 616-913-9123.  Or stop by the fitness center located on the north side of downtown Grand Rapids at 940 Monroe NW.


There are only a couple developer condos left at Union Square in downtown Grand Rapids.  These are some of the last opportunities to grab a downtown condo and still qualify for special financing and special tax discounts. 

By owning a Union Square condo, some of the features that are included:

• The year-round clubhouse featuring lounge furniture, plasma TV’s, wet bar, pool table, shuffleboard, and pool and hot tub views.
• A rooftop pool and hot tub to relax in the warmer months.
• Open feel to the condos with ceilings ranging in height from 8 to 16 feet.
• There are laundry hook-ups in each of the units or a central laundry facility is available to you
• A comprehensive security system gives you peace of mind and protects your investment.
• An on site work out facility is available.
• Large windows create a virtual window wall, to bring in natural lighting into your condo.
• Four light courts and expansive windows at the center of the building add natural light and a feeling of spaciousness throughout   interior corridors. These have been transformed into landscaped courtyards for a taste of suburbia in the middle of the city.

Contact Brad Veneklase today to see the final Jon Rooks and Brad Gruizinga Union Square condos.  Call 616-988-6466



Have you experienced the fun of doing a fitness workout with a group of people?  Wondering what it might entails?  Then come and check out group fitness at Monroe North in downtown Grand Rapids.

Would you like to grove to the Latin beat of Zumba?  How about an extreme full body work out of Body Pump or Boot Camp?  Is the more meditative state of Pilates or Yoga appealing to you?  Then check out the schedule at Monroe North below.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
5:30am – 6:30am
Outdoor Bootcamp
Instructor: WENDY
12pm – 1pm
Body Pump
Instructor: TARA
12pm – 1pm
Instructor: TARA
12pm – 1pm
Instructor: TARA
12pm – 1pm
Body Pump
Instructor: TARA
12pm – 1pm
Butts & Guts
Instructor: TARA
6pm – 7pm
Instructor: MICHELLE
5:40pm – 6:40pm
Body Pump
Instructor: CHAD
5:40pm – 6:40pm
Body Pump
Instructor: CHAD
7:05pm – 8pm
Instructor: WENDY
6:00pm – 7:00pm
Rock Your Body
Instructor: WENDY

Group classes are available to non-members for $7.00 each class.

For Basic & Basic Plus Memberships classes are available for $5.00 each class.

As always Group Classes are included in Premium Memberships


Call Monroe North at 616-913-9123 for more details.  See you soon!



The real estate market in Grand Rapids, Michigan is going strong.  Sales of homes and condominiums continue to be selling fairly rapidly.  In such a hot market, the price of these homes and condominiums are increasing.

Is there any way to get a prime piece of real estate and be eligible for significant tax exemptions over the next few years, therefore helping to make a new condo purchase much less?

The answer is yes.

The answer is Union Square Condominiums by Jon Rooks and Brad Gruizinga.

In purchasing a condo in Union Square, you will not only be living in an award winning development, but also at a reduced tax rate.  Rooks’ and Gruizinga’s commitment to seeking the best value for their clientele shows in deals such as this reduced property tax.  Union Square sits in the Neighborhood Enterprise Zone, therefore qualifying its residents a significant tax exemption on their property taxes until 2019.

To find out more about this exemption and all that Union Square has to offer, contact Brad Veneklase at 616-988-6466



It’s a scorcher out there!!

When you have such a hot summer in Grand Rapids, a swimming pool is not only a necessity, but required when looking for a new home.

Union Square Condominiums in downtown Grand Rapids  has what you are looking for!

Downtown Grand Rapids living, check!

Modern urban design, check!

Rooftop swimming pool to cool off on hot summer days, check!

Special tax discounts, check!

You can live the downtown Grand Rapids experience and be cool at the same time.

Jon Rooks and Brad Gruizinga have created an opportunity for 3 more owners to call Union Square home, with special closeout pricing and financing.  You could be in your new condo before you know start cooling off in the pool.

Call Brad Veneklase at 616-988-6466 to have your personal tour of the swimming pool area.


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