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Parkland Properties downtown Grand Rapids locations of Boardwalk and Union Square are great choices for your downtown living.  Both locations possess a modern urban flair, encased in the history of Grand Rapids, which is unique to any other condo in the downtown area.


Whether it’s Union Square with its ambiance of the classroom or the former furniture factory feel of Boardwalk, you won’t go wrong in choosing Jon Rooks Parkland Properties as your place to call home.


Get out of the cold and into a new condo by calling Brad Veneklase at 616-988-6466.


Everyday we have choices about how we are going to live our lives.  Some of our choices can have an immediate effect on our life, while others have lasting effects.  Each is important to some degree, but there are some that are more important, and are directly correlated to what our life will be.


Jon Rooks is inviting you to choose to be healthy.  Don’t wait until tomorrow or after the upcoming holidays to make a New Year’s resolution.  Now that we are choosing to be healthy, we need a place to assist us in meeting our goal and aid us along the way.  That place is Monroe North Fitness.


Monroe North Fitness is located in Boardwalk Condominiums at 940 Monroe Ave. NW, Suite 153G.  They have a staff of certified trainers to make it easy and fun.  You will not only see the difference down the road; but also start to feel better today.  Whether it is getting involved with one of their Les Miles group fitness classes or your personally designed workout, Monroe North will get you on the road to better health.


To choose Monroe North Fitness today, contact them at 616-913-9123.  Here is to a healthier you!


Could this downtown Grand Rapids condo be in your future? If you want a great place to call home that is within the ArtPrize zone and offers in-house fitness, restaurant, coffee/snack shop, salon and covered parking call Brad at 616-988-6466.

In order to take advantage of an incredible last unit offer from developer Jon Rooks, you are going to need to hurry.


If you would like to live in a condo development where you can grab a bite to eat without leaving your building in the middle of the winter, you are in luck. Parkland Properties’ Boardwalk has JD Reardon’s with a full menu and bar. Need a place to stay fit with caring professionals to help you meet your health goals? Boardwalk has Monroe North Fitness right in the basement. And, if you don’t look forward to scraping the snow and ice off your vehicle this winter, Boardwalk has its own private parking garage at no extra cost to its residents.


Boardwalk has a great modern urban feel in an old building. Don’t wait; you will be kicking yourself if you don’t check it out before the last developer condo is snatched away. Call Brad Veneklase today to schedule a time to experience Boardwalk.


Are you looking to live in downtown Grand Rapids?  Come by and see what Jon Rooks has for you at Boardwalk Condos.


Do you like discounts?  Jon has an average developer closeout discount of $25,000 for a purchase at Boardwalk.


Do you want more?  How about a place to meet friends and relax, all within the same development?  You can talk with friends over a drink at J.D. Reardon’s or take a stroll through the courtyard or spend time in the hot tub.


More???  Head down to the on site health club, Monroe North Fitness. They have personal trainers and group fitness classes to keep you living a health life.


Call Brad Veneklase right now to schedule a time to see what they have to offer.  Live downtown Grand Rapids, and do it at Boardwalk.  Brad can be reached at 616-988-6466.


Though the old thermometer reading is starting to drop as cooler temperatures move in for the fall season, there are still some HOT prices available for you.  You need to get yourself down to either of Parkland Properties condo developments, Boardwalk or Union Square, to feel the warmth.


Jon Rooks and his Parkland team are committed to keeping the heat on and provide you with super hot deals for living in downtown Grand Rapids.  They are getting down to the last few developer units available.  They want to give you an incredible deal.


Call Brad Veneklase to schedule your time to experience the warmth at a Parkland condo.  Brad can be reached at 616-988-6466.


Referencing the recent Case/Shiller Index report, Jon Rooks of Parkland Properties in Grand Rapids, Michigan, agrees that there is a definite upward trend in home prices.  If you include that with the Home Starts Report that came out earlier this week, you can understand there is some excitement in the real estate market.


In the summary of the report, all 20 major cities that are included in the Case/Shiller index saw increases in their year over year prices.  “This is an encouraging sign,” according to Jon Rooks, “when you see a continued move up in prices over each year, instead of a one or two month pop, it gives you more confidence to stick your toes in the water.”


Rooks and his team at Parkland Properties have seen this trend in the continued strong sales of condos at their Boardwalk and Union Square developments.  “We have a great product with all the amenities”, Rooks says.


To see available units at either of the Parkland properties, contact Brad Veneklase at 616-988-6466.


Jon Rooks Monroe North Fitness is an amazing fitness option for you.  Whether you work or live in downtown Grand Rapids, Monroe North has many things to offer you.


If you are tired of the hectic chaos that you endure with the large gyms, then you need to take a tour of Monroe North and experience what a smaller and tranquil workout facility is like.  Inside Boardwalk Condominiums, this facility has group classes, personal training and a wonderful staff to encourage you to a better you.


They have many membership options to choose from, including 24/7 access.  You owe it to yourself…a healthier you.  Come in and take a tour.  Call them at (616) 913-9123 or stop in during business hours.


It is that time of the year again, as downtown Grand Rapids starts to buzz about the upcoming Artprize.  It is promising to be as great as always.  Jon Rooks is excited also about downtown Grand Rapids, but for a different prize of sorts.


Rooks and his Parkland Properties team built the award winning Boardwalk Condominiums and have been working hard to provide an incredible experience to all of their residents.  Just as the artists of this year’s Artprize are proud of their works of art, so is Jon and how Boardwalk has been accepted as one of the premier options for downtown Grand Rapids living.


Boardwalk has many amenities that other downtown projects do not offer.  How about arriving home to your reserved covered parking space?  Taking a quiet stroll in the Forest Courtyard to unwind? Do you like to workout before or after work?  You can do it right at Boardwalk, without having to leave the facilities.  Just like getting downtown to enjoy the art of Artprize; the same is true of experiencing all that Boardwalk has to offer.


So go ahead and schedule a time with Brad Veneklase at 616-988-6466.  When you are done, head downtown and catch some of the wonderful art exhibits at Artprize 2012.


Have you been considering downtown Grand Rapids living?  Well this is your lucky day, because you won’t believe what Jon Rooks has added to make downtown living an incredible experience.


What about taking a stroll through or reading a book in one of the many gardens that are available. How would you like to come home and get in a quick workout, then join your friends at JD Reardon’s for dinner or a time of relaxation, all within the development?  What about spending some time after a stressful day unwinding in the hot tub, while catching up with your amazing neighbors.


Do you want more?  Well how about property tax discounts until 2019, which will put extra dollars in your pockets.  Extra money is good.  The benefit is also transferrable, so if you need to sell (why would you want to??), it only helps with the resale of your condo.


If you want to be a part of Boardwalk or Union Square Condos, you need to call Brad Veneklase at 616-988-6466.  He only has a few units left, so don’t hesitate, or you might miss out.


If you have been to downtown Grand Rapids lately, you will agree with Jon Rooks, that “downtown is where it is at”.  Whether it is the upcoming ArtPrize 2012 to the many ethnic celebrations, including Celebration on the Grand, downtown Grand Rapids has taken on a metamorphous of sorts.  Businesses are moving in and awards are being handed out, such as Grand Rapids being awarded, “Beer City USA 2012”.


Rooks Parkland Properties has a few options left for developer condos at either Boardwalk or Union Square.  Each of these condo developments has been built with the resident in mind.  Whether recreated from a former furniture factory (Boardwalk) or former high school (Union Square), each has its unique flare to downtown living.


The beauty of either Boardwalk or Union Square is that they have added some wonderful amenities to condo living, but also that you don’t miss out on what is happening downtown.  You have choices.  Go out or stay in, either way you can’t beat Boardwalk or Union Square.


If you want to be a part of this extraordinary place to call home, you need to call Brad Veneklase at 616-988-6466.  He only has a couple developer units available, so don’t hesitate or you will miss out.


Jon Rooks Boardwalk Condominium unit is an award winning project. Rooks Boardwalk is a full of more amenities than any other downtown Grand Rapids condo. Jon’s Boardwalk Condo is also just about sold out.  That’s right, there is only one more developer condo left at Boardwalk.


The summer has been hot here in Grand Rapids and so have the condo sales. The units have been flying off the shelf, but there is one more unit still waiting just for you.


If you want to see, what all of the residents of this wonderful condo development know, then calling Brad Veneklase to schedule a showing is a must.


Call Brad at 616-988-6466 now.


It is in the air, can you smell it?  Fall is soon upon us.  In the spirit of fall, Jon Rooks and his team at Parkland Properties have reduced prices for your condo purchase at Boardwalk.  You don’t want to hesitate in getting to downtown Grand Rapids and checking out how far these prices have dropped. With the price action that Rooks has done, you don’t want to get left out in the cold, and miss out on owning a piece of the award winning condo development at Boardwalk.


Boardwalk has everything you want and need in a downtown Grand Rapids condo.  Rooks has put together more amenities than you could imagine from two beautiful and unique courtyards for your enjoyment or to an onsite and staffed fitness center, Monroe North Fitness.


Call Brad Veneklase right now at 616-988-6466.  It will be the best call you make today!


Jon Rooks Boardwalk Condominiums has one more condo, before they are completely sold out.  There is still a chance for you, but don’t delay in contacting Rooks team to schedule a showing of this condo.


Boardwalk is not only filled to the brim with residents, but it is overflowing with more amenities than any other downtown Grand Rapids condo project.  Private pool, onsite restaurant, coffee house, fitness club, parking garage, and 24 hour security are just a few of the amenities that you will enjoy while living at Boardwalk.


The summer is coming to a close and so is the opportunity to own a condo at Boardwalk.  To schedule a time to see all that Boardwalk has to offer, contact Brad Veneklase at 616-988-6466 or by email him at


Rooks and his team at Parkland Properties have been busy this summer selling like crazy.  Now that the kids are on their way back to school, Jon is back to selling more downtown condos.


“Housing affordability is just amazing right now”, Jon Rooks said.  Mortgage rates are close to all time lows and with pricing starting to stabilize, this is an incredible time to look at purchasing a downtown Grand Rapids condo.


Parkland has a deal for you on one of their remaining condos at either Union Square or Boardwalk.  There is special financing that allows you to become part of downtown living with only 3.5% down.  Plus, Union Square has discounted property taxes until 2019 because it is located in a Neighborhood Enterprise Zone (NEZ).


Contact Brad Veneklase at 616-988-6466 to see your downtown condo today.


Jon Rooks of Parkland Properties wants to thank Grand Rapids.  The 2008 Redevelopment of the Year project, Boardwalk Condominiums is one condo sale away from being completely sold out.  Rooks and his team at Parkland Properties are extremely grateful to Grand Rapids and its residents for making this project a success.


They say, “Thank you!”


From an empty and silent, former furniture factory to a vibrant downtown Grand Rapids condo project, Boardwalk Condominiums has everything you want in downtown living; close proximity to business and nightlife, on site fitness center, swimming pool to spend time with friends and its own bar and restaurant to meet new friends.


If those and many other amenities are what you are looking for in a downtown condo, you better hurry as there is one condo left.  Don’t hesitate, because the clock is ticking on your opportunity to be a part of this award winning project.  The race is on for the last spot available.  With a special $25,000 closeout discount, this condo will not last long.


Call Brad Veneklase at 616-988-6466 to schedule an appointment.


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