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Posts Tagged ‘Boardwalk Condominiums’

We want to take a few moments to wish you and your families a Joyous and Happy Holidays!

From all of us here at the Parkland Properties of Boardwalk and Union Square Condominiums, Shoreline Inn, and Monroe North Fitness Center, we want to wish everyone a Happy Holidays!

Jon Rooks and Brad Gruizinga


Are you looking to increase your income and the opportunities it will bring you?

Then you need to get out an exercise.


A recent study by American Council of Sports Medicine (ACSM) found that, “Workers who exercise regularly earn 9% higher salaries than their colleagues who do not.”

9% more by getting out an exercising.

How will 9% more be able to help your family?

How could 9% more enable you to save more?

In fact, even if you were a weekend-warrior exerciser, you reduce your risk of dying prematurely in comparison to your sedentary counterparts.

Not dying prematurely is a good thing!

Jon Rooks and Brad Gruizinga, developers of Union Square and Boardwalk condominiums, understood the importance of fitness in our lives, when they included fitness facilities in their properties.

Make 2014 a year to grow your income.  Get out and exercise!



Is improving the productivity of workers and seeking to reduce absenteeism important issues to you?

How would this help your Grand Rapids based operation?

A recent study performed by the American Council of Sports Medicine (ACSM) declared that, “people who exercise are more productive and have less absenteeism than people who do not. “  The numbers are startling to what the effect will be on your workplace.  We are talking about;

72% improvements in time management

79% improved mental and interpersonal performance

74% managed their work load better

27% higher ability in dealing calmly with stress

41% felt more motivated to work

71% had higher concentration while doing their work

25% took less unscheduled breaks

22% of those in the study had a higher probability of finishing work on time

As you start your business planning for 2014, include how to assist your employees to implement exercise into their life style.  The effect will be a more productive workplace.

Monroe North Fitness Center owner, Jon Rooks, understands the importance of exercise.  He has built a team of fitness professionals to assist the downtown Grand Rapids businesses in improving their workplaces.  Whether you visit Monroe North or another facility, make fitness a part of your business plan.

Call Monroe North to schedule a visit. they can be reached at 616-913-9123



ArtPrize 2013 is in full swing in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  One of the locations with one of the largest collection of exhibits is the Boardwalk Condominiums.  Boardwalk is an award winning development by Jon Rooks.

With over 40 pieces of art to view, Boardwalk will be on your ArtPrize list of places to visit.

You can see pieces such as

“Dog Show” by Michele Anscombe,

“Bus Stop” by Tatijana Jacenkiw

“I am Africa: Untamed” by Duane Frey

“Humility” by Rachel Hinz

“Circulation” by Minjae Lee

For a list of all the great pieces of art that are at Boardwalk Condominiums click here

To learn more about Parkland Properties and Boardwalk Condominiums click here or call 616-988-6466



Monroe North Fitness has a motto that speaks volumes to what drives them to providing the best fitness experience for its members.  They would like you to come and experience it too.

Located at the Boardwalk Condominium development, which was redeveloped at the former Berkey and Gay furniture factory, Monroe North will bring a unique feel to your workout.  Lofted and open ceilings, plus brick and field stone walls add to the aura as you lift or participate in one of the many group fitness classes.

But the personal care and focus on their members is what Monroe North is all about, so much that you will leave a friend.  It is more than their staff being trained to treat their members as friends.  The staff at Monroe North Fitness is friends with their members and you can tell.  You will not be treated as a number, but work with someone who genuinely cares about assisting you to live a healthier life.

Come in and start your new friendship today!

Call Monroe North Fitness at 616-913-9123


Jonathan Rooks of Parkland Properties in Grand Rapids, MI has some specific criterion for the projects he and his company work on.  Projects like Boardwalk and Union Square Condominiums have met that criterion.  The implementation by his team to be “as efficient as possible” has resulted in two condominiums worth calling home.

Boardwalk and Union Square are a result of hard work; and it shows.  The amenities available at each of the condominium developments, is not attained by rival projects.  Simple items like a free covered parking are added conveniences to the onsite restaurant, pool, courtyards, and full service fitness center.  The ability of his team to meld the historical buildings along with a modern urban look and feel sets Parkland’s projects apart.

Rooks “as efficient as possible” business strategy is realized in all of the incredible benefits you receive, and having it done at a price that creates amazing value today and future sale opportunities.

More for less is great for you.  To see the efficiency in action and check out one of the last remaining condos, call Brad Veneklase, at 616-988-6466.


Jon Rooks was presented with the Real Estate Excellence Award from the University of Michigan/Urban Land Institute Real Estate Forum at the annual Real Estate Forum, held in Grand Rapids, MI.


This top award reflects an individual’s lifetime accomplishments, industry leadership, reputations of the real estate development projects, and innovations and advancements in those developments.


Rooks focus on redeveloping and marketing old buildings in urban areas, hence adding new vitality and excitement to those downtown areas, was a key in his nomination for this award.  This focus grabbed the attention of the two different West Michigan City leaders to nominate Rooks for the award


Jonathan Rooks projects in Grand Rapids and West Michigan include Boardwalk Condominiums, Union Square Condominiums, Cityview Condominiums, Shoreline Inn and Conference Center, Lake House Waterfront Grille and Terrace Point Marina


You still have a chance to grab one of the last few award winning condos at either Boardwalk or Union Square.  Call Brad Veneklase today at 616-988-6466 and see what the entire buzz is about.


Everyday we have choices about how we are going to live our lives.  Some of our choices can have an immediate effect on our life, while others have lasting effects.  Each is important to some degree, but there are some that are more important, and are directly correlated to what our life will be.


Jon Rooks is inviting you to choose to be healthy.  Don’t wait until tomorrow or after the upcoming holidays to make a New Year’s resolution.  Now that we are choosing to be healthy, we need a place to assist us in meeting our goal and aid us along the way.  That place is Monroe North Fitness.


Monroe North Fitness is located in Boardwalk Condominiums at 940 Monroe Ave. NW, Suite 153G.  They have a staff of certified trainers to make it easy and fun.  You will not only see the difference down the road; but also start to feel better today.  Whether it is getting involved with one of their Les Miles group fitness classes or your personally designed workout, Monroe North will get you on the road to better health.


To choose Monroe North Fitness today, contact them at 616-913-9123.  Here is to a healthier you!


The elections are upon us and we will soon be choosing a new administration to direct our country.  Jon Rooks and his Parkland Properties team are also asking for you to choose to make Boardwalk or Union Square your new home.  Rooks’ has put together a story that will hopefully resonate with what you are looking for in a downtown Grand Rapids condo.


Are you tired of long commutes to your downtown office?  By making Boardwalk or Union Square your choice, you will be to your office within seconds, not minutes. Think about how nice it could be to avoid traffic.  That alone will help to distress your life.


Money continues to be tight in today’s economy and choosing Boardwalk or Union Square will help you get more for less.  If you purchase a Parkland condo, you could be eligible for FHA financing and a 3.5% down payment.  That means more of your hard earned money stays in your pocket.  Also, Rooks is offering closeout pricing on his remaining developer condos, which means more money for you. That sounds like a couple of great choices for your money.


To learn more about why choosing Boardwalk or Union Square is the right choice, then contact Brad Veneklase at 616-988-6466.


Could this downtown Grand Rapids condo be in your future? If you want a great place to call home that is within the ArtPrize zone and offers in-house fitness, restaurant, coffee/snack shop, salon and covered parking call Brad at 616-988-6466.

In order to take advantage of an incredible last unit offer from developer Jon Rooks, you are going to need to hurry.


If you would like to live in a condo development where you can grab a bite to eat without leaving your building in the middle of the winter, you are in luck. Parkland Properties’ Boardwalk has JD Reardon’s with a full menu and bar. Need a place to stay fit with caring professionals to help you meet your health goals? Boardwalk has Monroe North Fitness right in the basement. And, if you don’t look forward to scraping the snow and ice off your vehicle this winter, Boardwalk has its own private parking garage at no extra cost to its residents.


Boardwalk has a great modern urban feel in an old building. Don’t wait; you will be kicking yourself if you don’t check it out before the last developer condo is snatched away. Call Brad Veneklase today to schedule a time to experience Boardwalk.


Are you looking to live in downtown Grand Rapids?  Come by and see what Jon Rooks has for you at Boardwalk Condos.


Do you like discounts?  Jon has an average developer closeout discount of $25,000 for a purchase at Boardwalk.


Do you want more?  How about a place to meet friends and relax, all within the same development?  You can talk with friends over a drink at J.D. Reardon’s or take a stroll through the courtyard or spend time in the hot tub.


More???  Head down to the on site health club, Monroe North Fitness. They have personal trainers and group fitness classes to keep you living a health life.


Call Brad Veneklase right now to schedule a time to see what they have to offer.  Live downtown Grand Rapids, and do it at Boardwalk.  Brad can be reached at 616-988-6466.


Jon Rooks and his Parkland Properties team are down to their last developer condo at Boardwalk Condominiums.  If you are in the market to buy a downtown Grand Rapids condo, then getting down to see this last condo should be on your list of things to do.


Besides the wonderful amenities that are a part of this development, such as J.D. Reardon’s restaurant, the onsite fitness center (Monroe North Fitness), pool and hot tub, and free covered parking, Rooks and his team have FHA financing available with a very low 3.5% down payment.  Plus, they have priced this last condo with close out pricing, and you can see why this is a great value.


If you have been looking or just starting to look at living in downtown Grand Rapids, then Rooks invites you to come see the great value at Boardwalk Condominiums.  Hurry, because there is only one left.


Call Brad Veneklase at 616-988-6466 to schedule a showing.


Though the old thermometer reading is starting to drop as cooler temperatures move in for the fall season, there are still some HOT prices available for you.  You need to get yourself down to either of Parkland Properties condo developments, Boardwalk or Union Square, to feel the warmth.


Jon Rooks and his Parkland team are committed to keeping the heat on and provide you with super hot deals for living in downtown Grand Rapids.  They are getting down to the last few developer units available.  They want to give you an incredible deal.


Call Brad Veneklase to schedule your time to experience the warmth at a Parkland condo.  Brad can be reached at 616-988-6466.


2012 is coming to an end.  How is that health goal that you set for yourself at the beginning of the year?


You don’t know where to start? Well get up and let’s get going.  Get going down to Monroe North Fitness.   They have everything that you are looking for to finish the year stronger than how you began.  With an experienced staff to help you along the way with personal training or just a word of encouragement when you walk into the gym, you will want to be at Monroe North.

Are you looking for group classes to strengthen and better your endurance?  Monroe North has it.  Are you looking for someone to guide you through your journey to better health, challenging you and supporting you all the way?  Monroe North trainers are there for you.


Monroe North Fitness is conveniently located at 940 Monroe Ave in downtown Grand Rapids.  Call them at 616-913-9123 to schedule your initial assessment.  Finish 2012 strong!


Are you in the market for a downtown Grand Rapids condo?


Have you been waiting for the right moment to make your move?


Then Jonathan Rooks at Parkland Properties has the deal for you.  With downtown Grand Rapids living available at Boardwalk and Union Square Condominiums, you are able to take advantage of the extremely low interest rates with an amazingly low downtown payment.  You could be living downtown with only 3.5% down and mortgage rates in the low 3’s, allowing you to save thousands of dollars as you enjoy the benefits of living in downtown Grand Rapids.


Do you want to save even more money?  “By purchasing a condo at Union Square, you may qualify for discounted property taxes,” Brad Gruizinga at Parkland tells us.


The deal keeps gets better and better.  So get a move on and call Brad Veneklase to view one of the few remaining condos he has available.  He can be reached at 616-988-6466.


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