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Healthy Breakfast ideas for Grand Rapids

Healthy Breakfast ideas for Grand Rapids

When it comes to eating breakfast most health experts will agree: You should do it, Grand Rapids.

Starting your morning with some fuel, the right fuel,  is a great thing idea.  Just like putting the right fuel in your vehicle will get you better gas mileage and lower car maintenance, the same can be said for the fuel you put in your body.  Studies show breakfast eaters have more energy and stamina throughout the day.  To the point of “lower car maintenance”, breakfast eaters are more likely to have healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels.  In fact you are less likely to be obese, when compared to those who’s lifestyle skips the morning meal.

What makes up a healthy breakfast?

All though there are many variances and opinions on what to eat for breakfast.  Here are a couple of basic food items to help you on your way in the mornings.   They include:

1.  Water – a great way to start your day is to drink water.  It is a wonderful way to detox from your nights sleep.

2.  Protein – eggs or a plant protein powder added to your smoothie

3.  Greens – the sooner you get greens into your day the better your body will be able to be balanced.  This balance will be a great boost to your energy levels.  Add some spinach to your eggs or smoothie

4.  Grains – a bowl of oatmeal is a quick and easy breakfast to get you going.

5.  Fruits – add some fresh fruit to your oatmeal or smoothie.


These are some simple ideas to use.  If you would like more specific ideas on how to make 2014 a healthy year, set up a time with one of the personal trainers at Monroe North Fitness.  They can sit down and design the plan that will be best for you.  You can call Monroe North at 616-913-9123.

To Your health and prosperity,

Jon Rooks


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