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Archive for January, 2013

He has just made this one of your best years ever. Now, it’s time for the hard work and getting all the details together, for what will turn out to be your perfect wedding day. The church is picked out. The date is set. And now is the time to find a memorable location to hold the wedding reception.

Your magnificent day should have a setting to match.

Just ask any bride-to-be or groom-to-be and they’ll tell you that EVERY small detail of the wedding day is important. We couldn’t agree with you more.

If you’re planning a wedding, we will help make it the most beautiful, romantic and intimate day possible. Our fantastic waterfront view is a perfect backdrop for your celebration, and we take great pride in taking the worry out of weddings. From seating arrangements to floral arrangements, we want every part of your day to be memorable.

Let us help make your wedding a cherished event. Schedule a tour today.


Jon Rooks and Monroe North fitness are looking to make 2013 your best year ever. As you start the New Year off right by making healthy choices and seeking to stay with your fitness plans, Monroe North has the expertise and knowledge to get you where you want to be.


Whether it is a detailed fitness plan, help with learning how to make the correct food choices, or someone to encourage you along the way, Monroe North is here for you.


Monroe North has a wide range of membership plans available. Plans available for someone who would like a clean fitness facility to workout or premium plans that allow one-on-one work with personal trainers, 24/7 access to the fitness center, and access to great group fitness programs.


Contact Monroe North today by calling (616) 913-9123


Are you currently looking to live and experience downtown Grand Rapids?  Not sure if you want to buy?  Looking for something short term as you finish a residency, get established at your firm, or want to see if living downtown is for you?  Parkland Properties multiple downtown Grand Rapids locations have some incredible places for you to rent.


Once you have experienced the pool, onsite exercise facility, coffee shop, JD Reardon’s restaurant, or convenience of your own parking garage at Boardwalk, you may just want to make it permanent.


Contact Brad Veneklase at 616-988-6466 for a showing.  You can also email him at


Winter is here in West Michigan as we start off 2013.  As the holidays are over and we get back to the routine of the day to day, there may come a time you need a quick getaway.  Shoreline Inn, nestled on the shores of Muskegon Lake, gives you a wonderful and close location to do just that.


Shoreline Inn has different room layouts that are distinctive, spacious, and comfortable.  The panoramic view while sitting close to the fireplace gives an ambiance that will create memories to last a lifetime.  Or, imagine sipping on one of the local West Michigan wines as you relax in the whirlpool.


As winter wears on, don’t let it wear on you. Come to Shoreline Inn and get refreshed and revitalized.  Take a break from the daily grind.


Call 866-727-8483 to make your reservations.  Do it today!


Welcome to 2013!  As we start off the New Year, it is traditionally a start of new beginnings.  If you want to start up a new fitness goal or take a current healthy lifestyle to the next level, Monroe North Fitness would love to help you along the way.


Not sure where to start?  Monroe North can help design a precise workout plan to meet your goals.


Enjoy working out in a group setting!  Monroe North gives you many types of group workout opportunities.


Need a fitness facility that gives you flexibility?  Monroe North has premium membership packages available that allow you 24/7 access.



Don’t wait another day to get moving forward on your health goals.  Contact the experienced staff at 616-913-9123


Parkland Properties downtown Grand Rapids locations of Boardwalk and Union Square are great choices for your downtown living.  Both locations possess a modern urban flair, encased in the history of Grand Rapids, which is unique to any other condo in the downtown area.


Whether it’s Union Square with its ambiance of the classroom or the former furniture factory feel of Boardwalk, you won’t go wrong in choosing Jon Rooks Parkland Properties as your place to call home.


Get out of the cold and into a new condo by calling Brad Veneklase at 616-988-6466.

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