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Archive for August, 2012

Jon Rooks has assembled an exceptional team of trainers and staff to help you get stronger and stay fit at Monroe North Fitness.  Monroe North Fitness is located at 940 Monroe NW in Grand Rapids, MI.


For Rooks and Parkland Properties, getting stronger is always a must of business.  Staying fit keeps you in business.  It is that type of attitude and commitment that you will feel the very second you step into the facilities located in the lower level of the Boardwalk Condominiums.


Monroe North Fitness’s goal is to help you gain strength and give you easy steps to maintaining this new level of fitness.  Whether working with an individual trainer or being part of a Les Mills group fitness class, joining Monroe North Fitness will make and keep you healthier.


To schedule a time to start your training, contact the Monroe North Fitness team at 616-913-9123.


Jon Rooks Boardwalk Condominiums has one more condo, before they are completely sold out.  There is still a chance for you, but don’t delay in contacting Rooks team to schedule a showing of this condo.


Boardwalk is not only filled to the brim with residents, but it is overflowing with more amenities than any other downtown Grand Rapids condo project.  Private pool, onsite restaurant, coffee house, fitness club, parking garage, and 24 hour security are just a few of the amenities that you will enjoy while living at Boardwalk.


The summer is coming to a close and so is the opportunity to own a condo at Boardwalk.  To schedule a time to see all that Boardwalk has to offer, contact Brad Veneklase at 616-988-6466 or by email him at


Jon Rooks asks, “With all the advertising telling us about the kids going ‘back to school’, why don’t you do the same?”  In fact he has some extraordinary incentives to get you back to school, or should we say back to an old school.  Jon Rooks and Brad Gruizinga turned the former Union High School into the “New Cool” of downtown Grand Rapids condo living a few years ago.  Since then, they have been accepting applications for “school living”, and they want you to be a part of it.


If you have been thinking about condo living, you should do yourself a favor and head back to school by checking out what Union Square has to offer.  Downtown Grand Rapids has so much to offer by being close to work and play.


There are only 4 available slots left for you to be part of this year’s class of “New Cool”.


Contact Brad Veneklase at 616-988-6466 to be part of the great class of 2012.


Rooks and his team at Parkland Properties have been busy this summer selling like crazy.  Now that the kids are on their way back to school, Jon is back to selling more downtown condos.


“Housing affordability is just amazing right now”, Jon Rooks said.  Mortgage rates are close to all time lows and with pricing starting to stabilize, this is an incredible time to look at purchasing a downtown Grand Rapids condo.


Parkland has a deal for you on one of their remaining condos at either Union Square or Boardwalk.  There is special financing that allows you to become part of downtown living with only 3.5% down.  Plus, Union Square has discounted property taxes until 2019 because it is located in a Neighborhood Enterprise Zone (NEZ).


Contact Brad Veneklase at 616-988-6466 to see your downtown condo today.


Have you been contemplating living downtown Grand Rapids?  Do you enjoy spending time in downtown with all the many activities and nightlife?  Rooks asks, “Why not just live down here?”


Yes, Grand Rapids is Beer City USA 2012.  You could have a condo close to all the local microbreweries.


Yes, Grand Rapids is home to ArtPrize.  All the preparations are getting put into place for another artistic celebration.  You could have a condo close to the entire buzz.


Yes, Grand Rapids is home to Michigan State University College of Human Medicine.  You could have a condo close to this wonderful medical college and the adjacent award winning Spectrum Hospital.


By owning a Jon Rooks condo at either Boardwalk or Union Square you will be close to all that downtown Grand Rapids has to offer.


And you can do it with only a 3.5% down payment.   That is right, 3.5% down can get you close to all the activities. If that sounds exciting, you better call Brad Veneklase at 616-988-6466.  He only has 5 remaining condos.  Don’t delay in starting to “live downtown.”


As we come to the end of another summer season here in West Michigan, and get the kids back into school, how about weekend getaway?


Just think about it.  You make arrangements with your parents to watch the kids, and you and your significant make a quick trip over to Shoreline Inn to enjoy their magnificent views of the sun setting over Muskegon Lake.  You take in a romantic dinner at the Lake House Waterfront Grille. After dinner take a stroll together to enjoy the downtown Muskegon nightlife.  Then spend the evening enjoying the company of each other in one of their spacious Penthouse rooms.


Wake up to a new morning refreshed and take a walk on any of the nearby trails that Muskegon County has to offer. Or take a morning swim in either of Shoreline’s outdoor or indoor pools.


There you go. Short trip. Great views. Memory creation. Shoreline Inn!


To reserve your getaway, call 866-727-8483


Jon Rooks and Brad Gruizinga of Union Square Condominiums in Grand Rapids have slashed prices on their four remaining condominiums.  Reducing the prices at least $80,000, that’s right $80,000.


Because you are reading this, you are one of the lucky ones.  You still have the chance to jump on this incredible opportunity to own a downtown Grand Rapids condo.  You should hurry before the news gets out to too many people, and it slips away.


Developed in the former Union High School, this condominium project covers an entire city block.  By living at Union Square, you will be able to enjoy a year around clubhouse, secure parking free of charge, rooftop swimming pool and hot tub, and on site work-out facilities.


Adding to the price reductions mentioned, owning one of these condos at Union Square qualifies you for special property tax exemptions until 2019.  It means more of your hard earned money gets to stay in your pocket.


Go ahead right now and call Brad Veneklase at 616-988-6466 before someone else takes your $80,000.


Jon Rooks of Parkland Properties wants to thank Grand Rapids.  The 2008 Redevelopment of the Year project, Boardwalk Condominiums is one condo sale away from being completely sold out.  Rooks and his team at Parkland Properties are extremely grateful to Grand Rapids and its residents for making this project a success.


They say, “Thank you!”


From an empty and silent, former furniture factory to a vibrant downtown Grand Rapids condo project, Boardwalk Condominiums has everything you want in downtown living; close proximity to business and nightlife, on site fitness center, swimming pool to spend time with friends and its own bar and restaurant to meet new friends.


If those and many other amenities are what you are looking for in a downtown condo, you better hurry as there is one condo left.  Don’t hesitate, because the clock is ticking on your opportunity to be a part of this award winning project.  The race is on for the last spot available.  With a special $25,000 closeout discount, this condo will not last long.


Call Brad Veneklase at 616-988-6466 to schedule an appointment.


Before they announce “Gone”, you better contact Boardwalk Condominiums to grab the very last condo they have available.


Jon Rooks and his Parkland team have seen their inventory at Boardwalk reduced to the very last unit.  That is correct.  Boardwalk Condos has one more unit and they will be 100% sold.  You still have a chance, but the announcer is getting ready to declare that the last one is “Gone!”


What are you going to miss out on?


How about an onsite restaurant and bar?  JD Reardon’s is in Boardwalk to give each of its residents a top notch dining experience within the same building.


How about an onsite pool and patio area to cool off or grab a bite from JD Reardon’s?


How about covered parking at no additional cost?  We are in the midst of summer, but….there is this thing around here called winter.  Sure would be nice to not have to clean off your vehicle from the white stuff.


To see all that Boardwalk has to offer with its last available unit.  Call Brad Veneklase at 616-988-6466.


Jon Rooks of Parkland Properties has low money down for your purchase of a downtown Grand Rapids condo.  Whether it is a move into the “new cool” at the old school house at Union Square or grabbing the last available unit at Boardwalk Condos, Jon has great financing options for you.  The work of his team has been able to gain access to FHA financing options.  You can now purchase a downtown Grand Rapids condo with only 3.5% down.


This is one of the reasons that the condos at either of the Parkland Properties has been flying off the shelf.  You are literally down to the last 5 remaining opportunities, so do not delay in contacting Rooks and his team.


Just think… You could be living downtown in a matter of weeks with more money in your pocket.  How could you beat that deal?


Call Brad Veneklase at 616-988-6466.  Better hurry!!


Are you looking for downtown Grand Rapids living?  Rooks and Gruizinga of Parkland Properties have it and can beat that deal with condos at Union Square.


Are you looking for special financing?  Jon and Brad have it and can beat that deal with FHA financing.


Are you looking for low money down options?  Jon Rooks and Brad Gruizinga of Union Square have it and can beat that deal with 3.5% down on a downtown Grand Rapids condo.


Are you looking for a rooftop pool and hot tub?  How about a private clubhouse and exercise facilities?  Jon and Brad have it.


How?? Union Square Condominiums are located in the Neighborhood Enterprise Zone.


So?? Because Union Square is in a NEZ they have significant property tax exemptions until 2019.  You buy today and you get 7 years more years of this special tax deal.  That is how you beat that deal!


But there is a problem.  There are only 4 units left at Union Square, so if you want to take advantage of this deal you better act fast.


Call Brad Veneklase at 616-988-6466 to catch this opportunity before it is gone.


As the summer of 2012 comes to a close, there is still time to get in one last vacation before the kids head back to school.  Why not make it a vacation on the water?  Shoreline Inn is the perfect destination for you and your family.  It has been the talk of Muskegon since Jon Rooks and Parkland Properties took over ownership in 2009.


Located on Muskegon Lake with easy access to Lake Michigan, Shoreline Inn offers wonderful views and tremendous opportunities for playing on the water.  Hotel guests can trailer their boats and enjoy the convenience of a near-by launch ramp for this last summer vacation.


Shoreline also features the Lake House Waterfront Grille for a close eating destination.   With an outdoor bar and seating for dockside entertainment, the Lake House will certainly create a wonderful ambiance as you and your family sit down for dinner and watch the sunset over the lake.


Before the summer slips away from you, call 866-727-8483 to reserve your room today.


Jon Rooks’ and Brad Gruizinga’s Union Square Condominium project has seen their units flying off the shelf.  They are currently down to the last four units available in the award winning building.


Designed in the former Grand Rapids Union High School, Union Square features a rooftop pool, over-sized roof top hot tub (open all year round), clubhouse, exercise facility, and rain garden. With special FHA financing available, you could be in a downtown Grand Rapids condo with only 3.5% down.  Add to that the significant property tax exemptions until 2019; Union Square is located in a Neighborhood Enterprise Zone.  You can see why calling Brad Veneklase is must, if you are looking at downtown living.


Located with walking distance of downtown for work or for play, Union Square has to been seen.  Brad can be reached at 616-988-6466.  Call him today before the last of these great opportunities is gone for good.


Boardwalk Condominiums, the redevelopment masterpiece of Jon Rooks and his Parkland Properties team, is one unit away from being sold out.


Are you looking for safety?  Boardwalk has it with their 24-hour on-site security staff.


Do you want a place to exercise without the travel?  Boardwalk is home of Monroe North Fitness Center.


Tired from a long day at work and just want someone to cook for you, but you do not feel like driving?  Boardwalk is home to J.D. Reardon’s restaurant/bar.  Whether you want to meet friends or have them deliver right to your condo, Boardwalk has you covered.


Want a close and safe place to cool off?  Boardwalk has their very own in ground pool and a hot tub that remains open all year round.


As you can see with all of these amenities and many more, you can see why there is only one unit left.  If you want to be part of the Boardwalk Community you better hurry.  Call Brad Veneklase right now before it is too late!  He can be reached at 616-988-6466


In a recent CNN Money article by Les Christie, Grand Rapids Michigan was listed on their “Most Affordable” places to live.  Jon Rooks of Parkland Properties would definitely have to agree.  Rooks said, “Over the last couple of months we have seen a large increase in the interest of our downtown condo projects.”  Brad Veneklase, Associate Broker for Parkland, stated that they are down to 1 available unit at Boardwalk Condos and 4 units at Union Square (out of 420 units total).


They both attribute the increase to the tremendous values that Grand Rapids has to offer along the incredible financing opportunities.


Kara Wood, Grand Rapids director of economic development, was quoted, “the city’s economic base, which once relied heavily on the furniture-making industry, has become more diversified. Health care is now a driving force in the local economy.”


Parkland, with their two-redevelopment condo projects, has been a benefactor of the desire to live downtown as buyers are looking to be close to work and the increased restaurant, entertainment and nightlife choices.


To view one of the few remaining units contact Brad Veneklase at 616-988-6466

Most affordable cities article



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